Welcome to Royal Fixer

Royal Fixer Home Maintenance & Renovation Company
ROYAL FIXER is your personal home improvement consultant a trusted and knowledgeable resource. Our experienced, professional home repair and improvement technicians are skilled craftsmen with expertise in all trades. We’re so confident in our work that each job we do, whether a repair, installation, or assembly task, is backed by our warranty policy.
Our customers deserve hassle-free service. You don’t have time to spend on a service that’s less than reliable and dependable, and you shouldn’t let just anyone in your home. When you need a professional handyman, plumber, carpenter, electrician or other home improvement services you can trust and depend on to get it done right, you can count on the ROYAL FIXER team to deliver exceptional results.


There’s a reason why Preventive Maintenance programs have been proven to savemoney, extend the life of your systems and prevent problems from getting worse. We go above and beyond the call of duty when caring for your home so you can live comfortably.


Royal Fixer is a smart home maintenance company that aims to make home ownership easier and more efficient. We eliminate the hassle of home ownership by providing our services for a nominal fee. No matter what you need done, we’ve got you covered.


We are a one-stop shop and we offer a wide range of services in various fields. However, when it comes to something beyond our regular scope, we’ll have one of our carefully chosen, fully licensed, tested and insured local partners address your request, so you won’t be left with the problem alone.