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Royal fixer is one of the leading maintenance companies of AC services in Dubai. We provide various AC services such as repair, spare parts replacement, and many more. AC is one of the essential home appliances, it keeps us comfortable in the summer season. Without AC Dubai people can’t survive because of the hot climate is going on in Dubai, we provide experienced and expert technicians for AC services in Dubai. 

Our company Technician identify the following issues in AC in Dubai – 

  • Cleaning of AC components: In this, We clean filters, drain trays and pans, strainers, grills, vent covers, diffusers, cabinets, indoor units, and outdoor units . We also clean or replace air filters.
  • check AC spare parts: in this, We check fan coil units, blowers, blades, compressors, fan belts, fan motors, insulation of chilled pipes, actuator valves, and motors, and control boxes to ensure functionality.
  • Testing and adjusting: In this, we For villas, we also inspect units for proper refrigerant levels and measure suction and discharge refrigerant pressures, adjusting them as needed.