Carpentry services Dubai 

Royal fixer is the best carpentry service in Dubai. We provide a lot of services for carpentry in Dubai.such as Maintaining, repairing, and making new products of various designs. We offer a wide range of carpentry services in Dubai, we provide experienced, high-quality workers to craft and module different wood furniture. We also avail services on a phone call at an affordable price. several carpentry works including the making doors, furniture, cabinets, window panels, and every such item require price modeling for them to work for a longer duration. We provide the latest tools and techniques to design wood products for marketing demand. We are available for services at the customer’s convenient of time.

Our carpentry services are:   

  • Bed sofa and other furniture repair and building 
  • Minor furniture repair carpentry work
  • Furniture painting and polishing 
  • Furniture assembly and dismantling 

We equip with all require carpentry tools such as hammer glue, cutting machine safety goggles, chiles, bolts, nails, and every other item to make their job easy and quick.