water heater repair Dubai

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Royal fixer is one of the prompt service providers of water heater repair in Dubai. Water heaters are essential home appliances for every home because the weather changes from time to but continues in the winter season. We are the only one who is offering water heater repair in Dubai. We can also maintain, install and repair at a wide range of different parts of Dubai. 

Types of water heater   

  1. Conventional storage water heaters:- It works only on hot water, its other name is a storage tank  
  2.  Tankless or demand-type water heaters:- It heats directly without the use of a storage tank
  3. Heat pump water heaters:- Its heat move from one place to another place instead of generating heat directly for providing hot water
  4. Solar water heaters:- it provides sun’s heat to get hot water   

    Some issues of hot water

  •  Takes too long to reheat water
  • Not enough water
  • Water too heat
  • Noisy heat elements
  • Pressure relief valve leakage
  • hot water tank leakage
  • Black or rusty color water
  • No hot water